FAST-ER Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
block_bytecodeThis struct contains a byte code compiled version of the detector
block_bytecode::fast_detector_bitThis is a bytecode element for the bytecode-compiled detector
datapoint< FEATURE_SIZE >This structure represents a datapoint
DetectNA corner detector object which is passed a target number of corners to detect
DetectTA corner detector object which is passed a threshold
dogClass wrapping the Difference of Gaussians detector
faster_learnFAST-ER detector
HarrisDetectClass wrapping the Shi-Tomasi detector
harrisdogClass wrapping the Harris-Laplace detector
ParseErrorA named symbol to throw in the case that tree deserialization fails with a parse error
RandomDetector which randomly scatters corners around an image
SearchThresholdThis class wraps a DetectT class with binary_search_threshold and presents is as a DetectN class
ShiTomasiDetectClass wrapping the Harris detector
SUSANClass wrapping the SUSAN detector
treeThis class represents a decision tree
tree_elementThis struct represents a node of the tree, and has pointers to other structs, thereby representing a branch or the entire tree

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